Missionary Information
 Rob and Barb Quiring
Organization: Reach Beyond
Location: Omaha, NE 68134

Contact Information 
Mailing Address: 
    14460 Ames Ave
    Omaha, NE 68116-1510

Phone: 402.906.0351 (Rob)
Phone: 402.305.4869 (Barbara)
Email: quirings4@gmail.com; rquiring@reachbeyond.org; bpquiring@gmail.com
Website: reachbeyond.org

Reach Beyond

Reach Beyond is an evangelical interdenominational faith mission involved in healthcare and mass media using radio, television, social media, and the internet. Together with their partners worldwide, they have ministries in more than 70 countries and broadcast the gospel in more than 90 languages and dialects. Their staff includes more than 1,000 missionaries, employees and volunteers. Reach Beyond’s priority is on the unreached, those with limited access to the gospel, and mobilization of the local church.

For more information, visit www.reachbeyond.org.

Ministry Overview 
Rob works as a member of the English Conversation Project team, creating materials to point people to Jesus through practicing English. Rob taught high school English and Bible at the Alliance Academy in Quito, Ecuador for over 30 years. Barbara worked as a nurse with the mission's Vozandes Hospital and taught in the children's program of Bible Study Fellowship. In 2015, Rob and Barbara transitioned to ministry based in the United States.  For more information on their ministry, visit:


Prayer Requests

• Pray for Rob as he continues to use his teaching skills to serve with Reach Beyond through English-language ministries based in the U.S. 
• Pray for Barbara as she ministers through the children’s program with Bible Study Fellowship and with home visitation for the elderly. • Pray for their work with international scholars and with refugees in Omaha.
• Pray for their children as they face unique challenges in their life transitions.
•  Pray that all their lives would be characterized by faithfulness, integrity and purity.

Support Instructions 

The Quirings are partially supported through the giving of Salem Alliance Church. Additional gifts may be sent to their ministry at the address below, noting that it is support for Rob and Barbara Quiring, account #110144.

Reach Beyond
Account 110144
Box 39800
Colorado Springs, CO 80949
Phone:  1.800.873.4859