Name: Debbie Vik                                                                                  

Organization: Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA)

Location:  On Home Assignment (2018-June 2019) in Salem, Oregon

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
   c/o World Impact
   555 Gaines St. NE
   Salem, OR 97301

Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA)

The Christian and Missionary Alliance is a missionary movement founded in 1886.  Currently we have about 700 missionaries serving in 70 countries around the world.  After more than 120 years of existence the Alliance worldwide now consists of more than 20,000 local churches in 96 countries.  The Christian and Missionary Alliance first entered Thailand in 1929 with 2 main focuses of ministry – church planting and leadership development.  C&MA Missionaries in Thailand come from C&MA churches in the US, Canada, Philippines, Holland, Korea, Hong Kong and Australia.

Ministry Overview

Debbie is involved in a lay leadership program that trains local pastors to raise up lay leaders in their churches to work with them in ministry.  She works with about 10 churches located throughout the northeast part of the country and is helping to begin this ministry in a neighboring country.  Debbie also works with short term mission teams with a 2 fold purpose – 1) open their eyes to the spiritual needs in Thailand and 2) involved them with ministry needs of the local churches involved with the lay leadership program.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for complete healing of Debbie's knee; surgery was in November 2018, but her knee is still swollen and painful.
  • Pray for the discipleship of three Thai sisters (with American spouses) who are in Salem. One is a strong believer, hungry for fellowship and desiring to bring the rest of her family to faith in Jesus. The second is open but still significantly tied to old beliefs. The third is only interested in adding Christ to her collection of numerous gods. Pray for Debbie as she spends time with these sisters.
  • Pray for travel safety, good health and freshness in presenting the ministry in Thailand to the many different churches Debbie will be visiting while on an additional "tour ministry" during January - June 2019 to Washington, Kentucky, Wisconsin and Florida.
  • Pray for the 2-3 Thai friends who are traveling to join Debbie for some of her tour speaking in March and April 2019.

Support Instructions

All C&MA missionaries are supported through the Great Commission Fund.  Your contributions to this fund can be made by marking “Great Commission Fund” on your Salem Alliance giving envelope.

Click here information about for Debbie 's Barnabas Group.