Missionary Information
Names: Joel and Debbie Chute
Organization: Christian and Missionary Alliance
                           (Marketplace Ministries)
Location: Hong Kong

Contact Information 
Mailing Address: 
    19-21 On King Street
     Pictorial Gardens, Phase 1
     Capilano Court, Flat D, 21/F
     Shatin, NT
     Hong Kong S.A.R.
Home Phone: 852.973.0369
Email: bamboochutes@hotmail.com 

Marketplace Ministries 
Marketplace Ministries is one of three sending agents of international workers with the C&MA. Working overseas as professional tentmakers allows people such as Joel and Debbie the freedom to work alongside developing churches and to build relationships in the communities where they live and work. 

For more information, visit:  www.cmalliance.org.

Ministry Overview 
Joel and Debbie are based in Hong Kong with a dual focus on ministry in both Hong Kong and China. Joel works with pastors and church leaders with the registered church in Mainland China. His role is to assist and help extend the ministries of provincial and local church leaders whenever possible.  As a result of the time he spends with these church leaders, Joel is able to help coach and mentor them in the areas of ministry and family. Debbie began to serve in the new role of Discipleship Coordinator at International Christian School in the fall of 2017. She works across school levels (ES,MS,HS) to develop a mutual understanding of spiritual formation, as well as providing opportunities for spiritual growth and support among students, faculty and parents.  She oversees planning for chapels, camps, and spiritual retreats, collaborating with faculty, student leaders, churches and para-church organizations. 

Prayer Requests
• For wisdom to discern how to assist local churches in south central China and impact their communities with the Gospel.
• For God's leading in Joel's coaching/mentoring times with pastors and church leaders.
• For the Holy Spirit to lead and speak to students through spiritual formation opportunities.
• For unity between faculty, students, parents and school leaders; to grow in spiritual understanding and mutual support.

Support Instructions
The Chutes are partially funded through the giving of Salem Alliance Church. Additional gifts may be sent to the address below noting "Chute/Marketplace Ministries" on the memo line. Make checks payable to C&MA.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance
Marketplace Ministries
8595 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920