Missionary Information
Matt and Heather Allan
Children: Hannah ('09), Micah ('12), Joshua ('15)
Organization: Restoration Initiative for Culture and Community
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Contact Information
Mailing Address: 
    1474 Granada Dr.
    New Orleans, LA 70122
Matt's Cell Phone: 503.991.8781
Matt's Email: matthew@thericc.org
Heather's Email: heathermatt04@gmail.com
Website: thericc.org

Ministry Overview
The Restoration Initiative is a church-based community development non-profit started by Canal Street Church in New Orleans. Matt's role as the Director of Social Enterprise is to start and oversee small businesses, owned by the non-profit, which advance the Kingdom of God. Currently Matt is running a small eco-friendly yard care company called Fleurish Escoscapes, which intentionally hires and mentors individuals who have a background of incarceration, addiction or gang affiliation. Heather enjoys staying home with their children. 

Prayer Requests

• Pray that our family will continue to be a light among the pain and hurt of those in New Orleans.
• Pray specifically that Fleurish Ecoscapes will continue to grow its clientele base so that we can expand our potential to provide full time employment to our current and future employees.

RICC envisions restored communities initiating peace, wholeness and unity.  RICC is a church based community development non-profile started by Canal Street Church in New Orleans. The organization works to restore people through reconciliation and developing healthy families. For more information, visit:  www.thericc.org.

Support Instructions
Matt and Heather are supported through:

The Restoration Initiative for Culture and Community (RICC)
PO Box 791284
New Orleans, LA 70119
Phone:  504.482.1135
Email:  donations@thericc.org