Below you'll find a list of all our workers, both here in the U.S. and across the globe.

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Please contact World Impact at 503.581.2129, x256, to connect with our missionaries who may be on a brief home assignment or short visit.  We would love for you to get to meet them and hear how God is working through their ministry to transform lives. 

International Workers

 Brandon & Erika 


 United States Workers

Matt & Heather Allan
New Orleans, Louisiana

Ron Imig
Portland, Oregon

Cameron West 
Monmouth, Oregon


    Debbie Vik


Rob & Tifani Bronson
Cedarville, Ohio

Rob & Barb Quiring
Omaha, Nebraska

Melissa Richardson
Salem, Oregon








Don Sappington
Salem, Oregon

Rick Stein
Salem, Oregon


Doug & Anya Holcomb
Salem, Oregon

Creative Access Workers
There are countries where it is not possible for an expatriate (or foreign) missionary to get a visa. There are countries where church activities are greatly restricted. There are some countries in the world where open evangelism by Christians is unlawful.

Some are tempted to think that these countries—many with Islamic or communist governments—are unreachable. While fulfilling the Great Commission in these countries can be challenging, it is not impossible. “Closed to missionaries” does not mean closed to the gospel. That’s where the use of the phrase “creative access” comes in.

To protect the identity of our workers, photos, full names and locations cannot
be displayed.

Fong Family


Paul & Marie

Phil & JJ