Missions in Progress

These are mission trips where the teams are currently full and in preparation for their trip or for mission trips that have left but are still in progress. While teams are currently full, there are occasional cancellations and some mission trips will be reopened for application in that case.



Trip Dates:   June 21 – July 8, 2018
Registration opened:  Monday, November 20, 2017
Registration closed: Sunday, December 17, 2017

World Impact:  World Impact ministry, whether it occurs locally, regionally, nationally or internationally, is a tremendously rewarding way to extend God’s grace as we place others ahead of ourselves, and serve the Kingdom with a more global perspective.

Asia Peacemakers / Fall 2018: 
Team Goals/Info:  This team is comprised of 2 to 3 individuals, with experience in Peacemakers Ministry and Principles to mentor, coach and train peacemaking methodology with local pastors and International Workers in Asia.  www.peacemakersministry.net


Middle East Field Forum / Summer 2018
Registration Opened:  January 2018
Registration Closed: February 2018

Team Goals/Info: The Field Forum is a time to offer spiritual encouragement and refreshment to our teams in the Middle East.  Families will be coming from Jordan, Kurdistan, Lebanon and Israel.  Children’s programming will be offered so parents can take full advantage of the teaching times.


West Africa Women / Fall 2018:        
Registration Opened:  January 24, 2018
Registration Closed:  February 15, 2018

Team Goals/Info: This team is comprised of  women, with particular gifts, faith journey and heart for ministering to young national women in West Africa.  The team will focus on ministry to young women, regarding deepening their relationship with Christ, purity and self-care, and may include assisting with a "young women's conference."  The team will also assist small projects as needed by the International Workers.