Neighborhood Schools Partnership
We bless the staff at our 3 neighborhood schools, Grant, Highland, and Parrish on a rotating schedule one school per month.  We would appreciate volunteers who can make a delivery of snacks and decorate a table for these monthly deliveries of staff care.  Outreach Department provides the food, drinks, and decorations.  The dates and times are set by our schools, according to their monthly staff meetings. For more information, contact Melanie Pfaff at

We also refer volunteers to the schools to help in classrooms and help out with projects at the schools.  Volunteers will complete an online background check for the school directly. For more information, contact Melanie Pfaff at

Seasonal Ministries
Thanksgiving Food Drive (November)
Did you know that over the course of 15 years, Salem Alliance attendees have brought in over 80,000 lbs of food at our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive? That's a lot of food! But sadly, the reality is that it is also just a drop in the bucket. Every week, 90,000 lbs of food are distributed in the Salem-Keizer community. As a church, we are committed to bringing in as much food as possible to feed our friends, neighbors, and those we haven't yet met in our community.Would you help us make an even bigger impact here in the heart of Salem by joining us this Thanksgiving as we bring our offerings to our community? You may be interested to know that we are a year-round food donation site, and you are welcome at any time to bring non-perishables to the church office during the week or to services on the weekends.

American Red Cross - Blood Drive
We partner with the American Red Cross twice a year in January and June by providing space and getting the word out for a community blood drive.  Our next blood drive will be January 3, 2017 from 1-6 PM in the Grant & Highland Rooms of Broadway Commons.  For more information, or to sign up to donate, please contact Kelly Beeson at