The Royal Order Of Red Suspenders (RORS) 
A ministry of Salem Alliance Church that provides seasoned, cut, split firewood delivered for free to those in need. RORS accepts donations of wood from the community.  When excess wood stores allow, RORS sells firewood with the proceeds going to fund the ministry.


    • Need Firewood: As of April 1, 2018, RORS is closed for the season.  We will begin receiving requests for firewood from those in need for heating their homes again on October 1, 2018.  During this off-season, we do not receive requests on our phone line, or via the email button below.  Requests made during off-season are not answered.  Thank you!

    • Donate Wood to RORS:   RORS may be able to accept smaller (1-2 trees) donations of wood.  We only accept donations of trees that are already down, and only these types: Douglas fir, oak, ash, alder, and maple.  When emailing us (click the button below) please provide your name, phone number, physical address where the wood is located, and email address if you have one.  Please also let us know the approximate amount, type of wood, and how accessible it is to pick up with a truck (front yard, back yard, behind a fence, etc..) Thank you!  

      Purchase Firewood:  As of 4/1/18, we may have firewood to sell.  Wood is fir, oak, or maple, cut into standard firewood lengths, split, and seasoned.  It is sold at reasonable prices and the proceeds are used to take care of supply and equipment needs to keep the ministry functioning.  If you would like to purchase some firewood, please click the button below and complete the form, which will be emailed to someone in our ministry, who will contact you.   


If you have questions about RORS firewood ministry not answered by the information above, please contact Melanie Pfaff or 503-581-2129 X291.