Praying for Our Church Family
Those with a heart to pray for our church family receive updated and specific ways to pray each week. Prayer requests are also posted on our website and hard copies are available at the Receptionist Desk.

Women's Ministries Prayer Team
A large group of women who pray from home for Women's Ministries. There is a rotating guide that these women use to pray.

Children's Ministries Prayer Team
Children's Ministries (preschool and grade school) has volunteers and parents praying for requests that they send out.

Angels Ministry Prayer Team
Our Angels ministry (outreach to homeless community) has a prayer calendar that is
sent out to all Angels volunteers and to others who have expressed a desire to pray for
the ministry.

Praying for Missionaries (Barnabas Groups)
Most of the missionaries sent out of Salem Alliance have a "Barnabas Group." This is a group of individuals committed to supporting the missionary through prayer and other tangible ways. Missionaries send prayer requests and updates to their group.

After Service Prayer Team
A group of volunteers who make themselves available after worship services to pray with and/or for others.

FOR ANY QUESTIONS contact Gordon Bergman at

This is a current list of formal prayer teams at Salem Alliance. If you have a passion to pray for something other than what you see here, please contact Gordon.