Church Family Prayer Requests

October 11, 2017

Laura Conklin passed away, her daughters are Anna Dalke and Terry George, pray for peace and comfort.

Pray for Keith Boyer who is having heart issues, he’s in Providence.

Pray for Lillie Johnson who’s been battling MRSA for a few months. Doctors think it’s in her blood, which is life threatening. Pray for healing and for the financial burden.

Pray for George Welch who is having bladder cancer surgery.

Pray for Christy Austin as doctors are scheduling tests to see what is happening with her intestinal system.

Cindy Pederson asks for prayer for her son who has a concussion.

Julie Hucke asks for continued prayer for her mother who had breast cancer. She meets with a surgeon this week. Pray for healing and recovery.

Jenny Carpenter is asking for prayer for her parents. Her dad has been on hospice and her mom had a heart attack last night.

Continue to pray for Jan Hoffman. The chemotherapy is working very well on her breast cancer. The doctors say she may not need surgery. Her bones are weak and she is pursuing medication to rebuild them.

Stephanie Offield asks for prayer for her sister who is dealing with depression after a relationship ended.

Pray for Kevin Henderson who is in hospice care.

Pray for the following individuals who have ongoing health issues: A.J. Pilant, Alzheimers, Irene McCorkle (Parkinson’s), Marla Schaap, Tasha Swift (seizures), Henry Swift (seizures), Dee Bubna (fibromyalgia)

Pray for the following individuals who have cancer: Lindsey Yoder, Carla Christiansen; Michelle Spaulding,Mike O’Connor, Asher Arana; Maddie Hopper; Rob Stearns, Paul Sturzinger, Brayden Sparkman, Al Friesen: Melissa Garner, Debby Burnham, Donna Hutzler, Debbie Irmen, Irene Ragan, Gary Crouch

Pray for the salvation of family members and friends of those in our church.

Pray for church family members who are in difficult marriages, that God will bring healing and restoration.

Pray for church family members who are home bound.

Continue to remember those who are serving in the Armed Forces.

Pray that God will provide for the various needs around the church:
Volunteers needed in various ministries
Finances (Ministry fund)
Grants to fund Salem Free Clinics