Church Family Prayer Requests

May 16, 2018

April Sparks requests prayer for Lex Hall, 18 months old, who was diagnosed with leukemia. Lex and his parents are family friends.

Lauren Johnson will attend camp at the end of May and needs to raise $40 yet to go. She asks prayer to see God's provision.

Reagan Lowry had a stomach disease several years ago that left some permanent damage. She has lots of pain yet and asks for healing prayer.

Bonnie Rosenthal asks prayer for a friend, Mark, who has work-related health issues. She asks for peace, comfort and wisdom.

Pray for Gene Enfield, who is home recovering from some heart issues.

Roxanne Hunt asks for prayer for she and her husband who may soon become homeless and they also both have medical issues that would make being homeless very detrimental.

Pray for the Chutes, missionaries who are returning for the summer from their assignment.

Tammy Loewen asks for prayer for a dear friend, her mother, Gerri, has a brain tumor and it has possibly spread to one of her lungs.

Lorie Neighbors asks for prayer for her stop mother Sylvia whose health is failing, she asks for prayer for her health and salvation and also for her dad as he struggles with this.

Pray for Dave Eisenhut who had heart surgery, pray for his recovery.

Mark Zirkle asks for prayer for his friend Steve.

Cindy Peterson asks for prayer for her husband and also her brother in law.

Pray for Justin Morris whose neighbor is a severe meth addict. He asks for prayer for peace and also God’s intervention in this man’s life.

Pray for the following individuals who have ongoing health issues: A.J. Pilant, (Alzheimers), Irene McCorkle (Parkinson’s), Marla Schaap, Tasha Swift (seizures), Henry Swift (seizures), Dee Bubna (fibromyalgia); Donn Bergen

Pray for the following individuals who have cancer: Sandy Hoefling; Jan Hoffman, George Welch; Lindsey Yoder, Carla Christiansen; Michelle Spaulding ,Mike O’Connor, Asher Arana; Paul Sturzinger, Brayden Sparkman, Melissa Garner, Debby Burnham, Debbie Irmen, Irene Ragan, Gary Crouch

Pray for the salvation of family members and friends of those in our church.

Pray for church family members who are in difficult marriages, that God will bring healing and restoration.

Pray for church family members who are home bound.

Continue to remember those who are serving in the Armed Forces.

Pray that God will provide for the various needs around the church:
Volunteers needed in various ministries
Finances (Ministry fund)
Grants to fund Salem Free Clinics