Church Family Prayer Requests

August 2, 2017

Pray for the family of Jerry and Gloria Bennett who were killed in a car accident.

Michaelene Larson requests prayer for her various family members, many of which have turned away from God.  She asks that we pray for surrender and renewed faith to emerge.

Pray for Vicki Mashos who was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma, she’s had 3 surgeries, pray for healing.

Sawyer Hazelton, 15 year old son of Kristi Hazelton, was in an accident and is in Doernbecher.  He has already had a couple of surgeries and will probably be at Doernbecher for a while.  He broke his neck, but so far they believe he will have a full recovery.

Pray for Jan Hoffman who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Becky Wallace requests prayer as her family gathers this week for a reunion.  The family is scattered and Becky asks for prayer that they will have meaningful connections during this time.

Stephanie Offield requests prayer for her children to follow Christ faithfully, and that she and Jeremiah know the right direction for their relationship to go.

Charisa Henckel asks for prayer for her father, Dwight Cummins, who was diagnosed with cancer.

Pray for the following individuals who have ongoing health issues: A.J. Pilant, Alzheimers, Irene McCorkle (Parkinson’s), Marla Schaap, Tasha Swift (seizures), Henry Swift (seizures), Dee Bubna (fibromyalgia), Donna Hutzler (fibromyalgia).

Pray for the following individuals who have cancer: Carla Christiansen; Michelle Spaulding,Mike O’Connor, Asher Arana; Maddie Hopper; Phil Torres, Rob Stearns, Paul Sturzinger, Brayden Sparkman, Al Friesen: Melissa Garner, Debby Burnham, Michael Rightmer, Donna Hutzler, Debbie Irmen,Irene Ragan, Gary Crouch

Pray for the salvation of family members and friends of those in our church.

Pray for church family members who are in difficult marriages, that God will bring healing and restoration.

Pray for church family members who have been or are being affected by the current economy.

Pray for church family members who are home bound.

Continue to remember those who are serving in the Armed Forces.

Pray that God will provide for the various needs around the church:

Volunteers needed in various ministries

Finances (Ministry fund)

Grants to fund Salem Free Clinics