Your Story Is Our Story
In Hebrew, the word for written means "engraved." When the phrase "it is written" appears it carries a deeper image than pen on paper. It's God's finger carving into tablets of stone. Words have power; written words have power to change without the barriers of time or distance. We have in the SAC library books containing countless words. We believe these books have the power to change lives. Just like the Bible, which comes from the Latin word biblios meaning "little books," the SAC library has a collection of history, biography, devotional, theological, and practical books.

Honor us by sharing your story in a few sentences or a short paragraph about how a book, or books, from the SAC library has changed your life. LEARN MORE...

"Actually, it was not one book that made such an impact on me, but the many missionary books that are found in our library. The faith and dedication of those who dedicated their lives completely to God's service is amazing and each one has a story that brings me closer to Christ, inspires me, and encourages me in my Christian walk." -Margie

"One great thing about our church library is... that it's a whole library! It far surpasses my bookshelves at home in offering me faith-based books on contemporary issues, interpersonal relationships, theology, and more. And they can all be borrowed free!" -Jan L

"The library has excellent books on Islam. They have really helped me understand the issues involved with Islam." -Doug

"After experiencing a faith crisis, I determined I needed to build up and strengthen my faith by reading books. I highly recommend reading books on Apologetics, Church History, Christian biographies, and books on the historical and archaeological reliability of the Bible to fortify the decision to follow Christ, our Savior." -Stacia

"I love our SAC library and the convenience of checking out books that feed the soul and encourage spiritual growth. The best part of the library is the missionary stories-- those servants and heroes of God. They inspire me to look at my own life and question what I am doing to expand Christ's Kingdom or to support those missionaries overseas and at home." -Pete

I enjoy the services of the library. I'm on a fixed budget. I would never be able to afford to buy or have a chance to read what our library has offered me. MORE...