Broadway Commons: A common name for an uncommon place
Even in our earliest design conversations, we wanted this to be a place where our community felt welcome. Since the property under Broadway Commons had some zoning restrictions, the building also needed a commerce component. And, of course, our church would use the building too.

So, we embraced the notion that Broadway Commons could be a place for people of every sort; a place of intersection. Or in the words of John Stumbo, "a place where church, commerce, and community come together for the common good."

Broadway Commons: An uncommon place for the common good
In addition to being an anticipated LEED Silver building, some of the distinctive features of Broadway Commons include:

     47,000 square feet of Class 'A' space

     Salem Free Clinics: a free medical care is provided to the uninsured and under- 
     insured  in our community.

     Broadway Coffeehouse: a quality coffee shop serving Stumptown coffee and Great
     Harvest Bread Company pastries. With unique seating areas and free Wi-Fi, there is
     a comfortable spot for everyone.
     Hours of operation are 6:00 am-10:00 pm

     Fourteen meeting rooms that vary in size from 10 person conference rooms to a
     250 person ballroom.

To reserve a meeting room for a Salem Alliance Church-related event, contact the church staff member in the corresponding ministry area.

For all non-Salem Alliance events contact Tim France at

To view Broadway Commons room diagrams (with room setup and tech options)

Broadway Life Center classes provide quality, yet inexpensive, educational opportunities for families throughout our community.

A prayer center, called The Upper Room, located on the fourth floor. With great views of the surrounding hills, the State Capitol building, and the downtown Salem core, The Upper Room has been designed as a quiet, inspirational place for prayer.

Professional office space on the fourth floor.

An outdoor plaza with a waterfall, a grassy slope, and an amphitheater.

Parking for Broadway Commons

Click here for the Parking Map.

FOR ANY QUESTIONS contact Tim France at or
Robb Childs at