For over 20 years, Salem Alliance has offered small group Bible studies. These in-depth studies are coordinated with the sermon series and run annually from October through April. 

Our next study, NEHEMIAH: From Rubble to Revival, will begin the week of February 13.

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A preview of our study "NEHEMIAH":

Envision a war torn city. What do you see? I see rubble, bombed-out buildings, everything of value gone. There are no shops, no homes, no religious buildings, no roads, and NO people. The heart of the city is gone. This was Jerusalem in 586 BC. Babylon had utterly destroyed the city, killed most of its inhabitants and taken the rest captive. In essence, the city was no more. The Temple was looted and leveled, the buildings were ruined and the city walls were rubble. It was uninhabitable. 
Nehemiah, a godly Jew, was heartbroken to hear these reports. The story of his response to that news and his calling to travel to Jerusalem and help rebuild the city is what this study is about. It is the story of a God-follower who took great risks and made great sacrifices -- a wise man, a brave man, a prayer warrior and, in the end, a difference-maker. You can expect to learn from him and be inspired by him as you see how he took them from rubble to revival.

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