Main Speaker

Lora Goodenough

Lora Goodenough is a licensed therapist, clinical supervisor and university instructor who is in the midst of a significant life change. She is walking away from a thriving professional career and into the wide open space of the unknown. On the journey with her are her husband Greg, who is also in the middle of a career change, and their son Samson who has no career though he did just start Pre-K. Lora loves football season, watching Dateline NBC, New York City and all the high fat foods. Yes, she’ll have cheese on that…and a side of fries.




Jessica Mitchell

My name is Jessica Mitchell and I have been attending Salem Alliance for about five years and am currently on staff as the College Pastor. I come from a large Puerto Rican family and as the youngest of five kids, I am someone who always cheers for the underdog. Despite the fact that I can be the loud, crazy, life-of-the-party kind of person, I am actually an extreme introvert whose sweet spot is observing from the sidelines. Some of my favorite things in life include my family/friends, talking about Jesus, hammocking, Spikeball, my tiny house, the Enneagram, hiking, a good cup of coffee, and road trips to no where.


Natalie Folkert
Picture and Bio coming!