How much does retreat cost this year?
Cost of retreat ranges from $160 - $240 based on choices made with registration.

Are all our meals provided by Cannon Beach?
No, the meal package from the conference center includes Saturday breakfast and dinner, as well as a brunch Sunday morning. Individuals are on their own for dinner Friday and lunch Saturday. We will provide a small continental breakfast before the session on Sunday morning. There is a $5 fee for special diet requests that can be paid with your registration.

Will I be able to see the beach from my room?
A small percentage of the rooms have a view of the ocean. If you want to see the campus and a map of the buildings, you can go to Cannon Beach Conference Center's website or email womensretreat@salemalliance.org for help in knowing which building to select.

What if I have to cancel at the last minute?
Once we have given Cannon Beach our final notice, we owe them $25 per person who registered. If a cancellation comes on the weekend of retreat, we owe them the full amount for that room. While we appreciate your commitment to your registration, and full payment by October 16, we will also do our best to refund any money we can.

What if I have a friend who didn't know about retreat and wants to register after the deadline?
While we try to extend as much grace as possible, the deadline is there so that we can give accurate numbers to Cannon Beach. Please do your best to make decisions about attending the retreat prior to the deadline. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate late requests.

Are there scholarships available?
Yes, there are a limited amount of scholarship funds available. You can apply to receive a scholarship by emailing bgossard@salemalliance.org

How can I learn more about Cannon Beach Conference Center?
You can visit the website by clicking here.

For any questions not answered here, to request a scholarship or to inquire about late registration, email womensretreat@salemalliance.org

Basic Retreat Schedule
(subject to change)

Friday, October 27
4:30 pm        Check-in begins
7:00 pm        Session 1
9:00 pm        Evening Social 

Saturday, October 28
8:00 am        Breakfast
9:15 am        Session 2
10:30 am      Break
11:15 am      Session 3
12:30 pm      Lunch & Free Time
6:00 pm        Dinner
7:00 pm        Session 4
9:30 pm        Evening Social 

Sunday, October 29
7:30 am        Breakfast
9:00 am        Session 5
11:30 am      Brunch
1:00 pm        Head Home