Community Groups on Sundays @ 9:30 AM


Becomers - at Broadway Commons in Mongolia, 305
Demographic: 60s-70s, married and single
Focus: Interactive teaching, encouragement, fun and a mission focus each week.
Leadership: Leroy Hedberg
Contact:  503.581.7497 


Branches - at Broadway Commons in Mexico, 304
Demographic: 40-55 years olds, married and single
Focus: Family, outreach and prayer together.
Mission: Recent outreach includes Feed Salem and Mexico Trip
Leadership: Shawn & Steph Eisner
Email: 503.581.8299 or 


Connections - at Broadway Commons in Peru, 306
Demographic: 50s, empty nesters, married and single
Focus: Supporting one another, looking at opportunities to bear fruit
Leadership: Ron Peters
Contact: 503.931.9179 or


Encouragers - at Broadway Commons in Russia Room, 307
Demographic: 50s-70s, married
Focus: Music, prayer, studying God’s word, supporting missions
Leadership: Doug Lytle
Contact: 503-581-9188 or


Family Ties - at Faith Annex
Demographic: 50-75, married and single
Focus: Growing in Christ through teaching, small group discussion, fellowship and community projects
Mission: Adopting Refugees
Leadership: Rob & Dawn Aldridge
Contact: 503.510.5206 or 503.510.5415 or 


N2 - at Broadway Commons in Keizer, 205
Demographic: Intergenerational, married and single
Focus: Spirit led, taking risks, outreach to neighborhoods and nations
Mission: Adopting Refugees, Simonka Place
Leadership: Mike & Mandy O’Connor
Contact: 503.371.6472 or   


Sheepfold - at Salem Alliance in the Courtyard Room
Demographic: 75-95, married and single
Focus: God’s word, prayer and missions
Leadership: Tom & Nancy Henckel
Contact: 503.580.6665 or  


The Well - at Broadway Commons in Grant, 206
Demographic: College Students Only
Focus: Come join us for breakfast, study, teaching, and time for 
building relationships.


Venture - at Broadway Commons in Africa, 303
Demographic: 55-70, married and single
Focus: Supporting one another and serving together
Mission: Recent outreach includes service to the homeless and RORS
Leadership: Craig & Jane Lucas
Contact: 503.373.3522 or