Weekends: RIDE
Saturdays - 5:00 pm                 
Sundays - 9:30 am 


Ride is a place for students to grow in their faith. We understand that Middle School is time of highs and lows, ups and downs, twist, turns, and all around craziness. It can be a blast and then a tough time all in the same day, so Ride is geared for that. We want to enjoy all the twists and turns that life throws at us, and that's only possible through Jesus. We have   games, worship, and relevant messages that are specifically set up to help students understand how following Jesus is the Ride of their life.


Wednesdays: CRASH
6:30 - 8:00 pm October - May
(except the first Wednesday of each month)


CRASH is the front door for students at Salem Alliance Church. Anyone and everyone is welcome to explore our group and some of the basics about life, the Bible, God, and making it through middle school in one piece. CRASH is high energy, lots of fun, and a great place to begin or bring a friend.