Left to Right: Ashley Dalen High School Pastor, Rachel Knowles Ministry Assistant,
Brandon Miller High School Pastor

A snapshot into our team!

Ashley got her bachelors from Multnomah University. She loves snowboarding and having a good conversation over a warm cup of coffee. Her dream is to own a great dane, eat lots of popcorn and sushi (not at the same time) and see the 7 wonders of the world.

Brandon is a native to Salem. He received his bachelors in ministry from the Reach Training Institute. If he could ride any animal to work each day it would be a polar bear, he trims his toenails on the first Thursday of every month and his nickname is B-millz. 

Rachel got her bachelors in business administration from Western Oregon University.  She is a mom to two teenage boys who both play in their school bands.  She enjoys being outdoors and loves to go on family vacations.


Description Of a Discipled Student 
We are all on a journey to become all God created us to be, and this profile identifies 5 different areas of life we can grow to become more like Christ (a disciple). Our lessons, teachings, and studies reflect these 5 areas.
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