Salem Alliance Church has recently (August 2016) changed over to a new database called TouchPoint.  This new system allows us to offer online registrations and payments for all of our events, retreats and mission trips.  Below are some frequently asked questions about how to register for an event.  In addition you will see some information about how to use this database to track your balance and send support emails to your family and friends for a mission trip. 

If you have any questions or comments, please email Rachel Knowles,
The informational video link is located at the bottom of this page.


Registration FAQs
How do I create a user login?
There are a couple of different ways to create a login.  We can send you a link or you can go to the church's website and click on the MY LOGIN button at the top of the homepage.  If you are a parent who shares an e-mail with your child, you will need to request a “CreateAccount” link from us so that the system will recognize that it is your child wanting to create the login and not you.   

What happens after I create my user login?
After clicking on the link, you will be prompted to set a password and will then be able to proceed directly to your personal record.  FYI, the password must be at least 7 characters long and contain at least one non-alphanumeric character (such as $, &, or a mark of punctuation).  The default user name will be the first initial of the first name and the last name.  For example, Joe Smith would be “jsmith”. 

How do I use SWEAT money for a trip, event or retreat?
You can use your SWEAT money simply by emailing Rachel Knowles,  Rachel will send you a coupon that you can use when you register.  You will need to tell her what trip you are registering for and how much of your SWEAT money you would like to use.  You can also email anytime you would like to know what the balance is for your SWEAT account.

How do I request a scholarship?
If you are in need of financial assistance, please feel free to call or send an email to Rachel Knowles.    

Mission Trips FAQs
How do I track my missions trip balance?
When you log on to TouchPoint (after you have created a user login) go to your people record (profile) and click Involvement > Current > Registrations. There will be a tracking showing the cost of the trip, how much has been paid and the balance that is still due. You can return to check your balance at any time.  All online donations are posted immediately.

How do I make an online payment?
Funds given to pay for a mission trip are considered tax-deductible.  Parents, when you make a payment, you will need to access a link through our web site to be sure the payment appears on your contribution statement and not on your child’s.  On the Salem Alliance homepage, go to “Giving” and then select the trip that your child is participating in.

How do I send an e-mail to my family and friends to request support?
After logging in to your account, go to the Registration tab. There is a link to email supporters. Here is how you can use this feature once you click that link: Enter either an email address or a 10-digit phone number to find people in the TouchPoint database. If a person is not in the database, you can still add them to your list by manually entering their email address. Click the Edit button to edit the salutation for an individual or to remove someone from the list. Edit the body of the email so that you include your personal information and your name at the bottom. Be sure to leave the {salutation} at the beginning and other code that gives them a link to donate. Send a test to yourself and then send the email.

NOTE: If you send the test email, you will not see a salutation with your name, but the code {salutation}. The actual supporter will see something like Dear John.

Those receiving your email will have a link to donate online toward your trip. They will receive a confirmation email, thanking them for their donation. You will receive an email notice with their name and the amount donated, unless they check the box not to send a notification. All donations are applied to your balance and they are recorded on the donor’s giving record, as the donation is tax deductible. 

Do I have to use the TouchPoint database to send my support e-mail?
No.  You can create your own e-mail and send it through your personal email system.  You can then direct your family and friends to the Salem Alliance homepage.   They will need to click on “Giving” and then ask them to select the trip that you are participating in.

Can I make a payment for my trip with cash or check?
Yes.  Payments can still be made through check or cash.  Be sure the payment is payable to Salem Alliance Church, with the student’s name and the name of the mission trip on the memo line. Mail or deliver the check (separate from offering) in an envelope addressed to:  ATTN: Student Ministries, Salem Alliance Church, 555 Gaines St NE, Salem, OR 97301.

Below is a short video walking you through some of these steps. 
(This video was produced in early 2014, prior to the name change from BVCMS to TouchPoint. While some of the screens may look different, the functionality is basically the same.)

Click HERE to watch the video.