Healing Prayer


Our God is a healing God.
We believe that God heals through many forms of care:
prayer ministry, spiritual warfare, counseling, medical care, etc.
 God’s healing work is holistic and He loves to bring healing to every area of our lives including physical, mental, spiritual, relational, sexual, emotional and more.
Every healing journey looks different.
Our part is to pursue Him for His healing work in our lives,
to ask Him for the gift of faith as we do so,
and to listen for His guidance along the way.

Healing Prayer Ministry

In a healing prayer appointment you will receive prayer that could include: breaking generational sin patterns, healing for distorted image of God or self, prayer for inner healing in regards to wounds of the past, forgiveness of others, breaking ties or oaths connected to the work of the enemy, or other ways that God may guide us to pray. 

During the prayer time, we anticipate that God will speak to you as well. You may not initially feel able or equipped to be able to hear God, but you’ll be surprised at how responsive He is when we seek Him together!


Elder Prayer

We also have a team of elders who love to pray with people, especially in regards to pressing and/or chronic health issues. 


The Process

We want to provide the best care possible, so when you inquire, we will enter into a process of gathering information and discerning the best next steps for your healing journey. To find out more about Healing Prayer, contact Rosanna. 


Questions? Contact Rosanna at rdanielian@salemalliance.org.