Parent Serve

Parent Serve is parents of preschoolers partnering with preschool staff and volunteers to:

  • Become involved in each child's unique spiritual journey.
  • Help provide a consistently positive atmosphere where each child is able to experience God fully.
  • Continually ensure a safe and welcoming environment in each OMNI classroom.
  • Provide enough volunteers for each child to receive individual attention.

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How does Parent Serve Work?

Each Salem Alliance family with preschool-age children is asked to serve in an OMNI classroom. Either one or both parents may serve. Parents will serve in the same classroom once every six weeks on an assigned rotation.

Parent volunteers will be given specific tasks to do in the classroom and will be asked to complete an information form and a criminal background check before being assigned to a classroom.


Parent Serve Benefits

Children will:

  • Experience God more fully in a supportive and caring environment.
  • See their parents modeling involvement and service.
  • Receive more individualized attention as classrooms are well staffed.

Parents will:

  • Have a better awareness of what is happening in Preschool Ministries with more opportunities to provide input.
  • Develop relationships with other parents and children in their child's classroom.
  • Be encouraged by this partnership to acknowledge and support their children when they apply the lessons at home.

Preschool Ministries will:

  • Be a consistently safe and welcoming environment for children to experience the love of Christ.
  • Excel in curriculum development, equipping, training and supporting volunteers due to the partnership with Parent Serve families.
  • Be more connected to families and better able to support them.


Next Steps

If you or your spouse are interested in participating in Parent Serve, we would love to have a further conversation with you! To do so, please contact Wendy Allan at or simply register below with our online application.

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