Each year we ask our participants to share what they've experienced, learned
or want to share with those considering LifePath. Here's a sampling of what
was shared:


“This LifePath experience has been the deepest, single most helpful advancement in personal growth in my life.  I am eager to live out what I've learned and I am already seeing truth over lies I've believed my whole life!”


“Great, safe place to work through struggles in relationships. Solid, godly environment. Great leaders who care about the participants and are not judgmental.”


“LifePath is a place to be open and honest about where you are in life without feeling judged or condemned.”


“Truly life changing. Do real life with real people experiencing real freedom and healing.”


“I learned others also struggle with serious issues. There is a sense of fellowship and struggle in our journey with Christ; to let Him be truly Lord of our lives.”


“This year has been some of the hardest work I’ve done, but incredibly productive. I have so much more peace with God and inside myself. Still working on relationships.”


“A place to be real … A place to reach out, to others who want to reach out as well… A place where you may even find out you are not alone after all.”


“Struggling alone is so draining and seems to run in circles. Coming together with others who are hurting, growing, learning, sharing, crying, laughing, sighing and listening – straightens out the circle and it becomes a path with signs of hope, love and healing.”


“LifePath members are supportive - part of the healing learning and journey. Commit to doing the work given in class – it makes a HUGE difference in the outcome.”


“LifePath is very helpful for people who want to heal and to know more about God. Having our pain and hardships in life allows us to grow in our spiritual life and coming to LifePath is guiding us on the principles that lead us into our recovery. LifePath really works. It give us hope into our journeys of healing.”


“Very welcoming group of people (even if you don’t attend church here). I appreciated being able to share as much or as little as I was comfortable with.”


“LifePath has opened my eyes, mind and heart to the truth of myself and God. I am more of who I truly am more and more and I am learning who god is and how much He loves me in the process.”


“Beginning LifePath is the best decision I have made in many years. I look forward to how the Lord will grow me up through LifePath in the future.”


“LifePath provides a safe and comfortable environment to share those challenges in life that we all have to deal with in one way or another. I have had the opportunity to build great relationships and to grow in my personal journey.”


“LifePath gives you the skills to live life that are not normally found elsewhere. Changes are you will have an “Ah-Ha!” moment and God will be there.”


“LifePath is sacred space for me to listen to the Lord and my own heart. It’s a place to listen and a place to tell my own story out loud. It’s a place where I practice courage and grow in wisdom.”


“It’s a great opportunity to share what is inside of myself and chew on good ideas with other people and practice grace.”


“LifePath has been an encouragement and I look forward to it. It keeps me moving forward and helps me interact.”


“I did not get into the LifePath 8-Week Group I originally wanted to sign up for, but the group I was in provided exactly what I wanted answers to.”


“Coming into this program and being new to the church I was nervous and reserved. I found love and acceptance and learned so much.”


“LifePath is an excellent way to try something new. You may be surprised and that alone is worth it.”


“I learned that the more I put into the group the more I got out of it. It was a gold mine of growth and I did the work.”


“Expect to be welcomed, accepted, and loved. LifePath can change you, but only if you are willing to change.”


“My group and the material used has helped me feel a calmness in myself. The book has had many helpful tools and practical things to do for growth in areas of my life that have needed some maturity. Growth takes time and a lot of patience. I want to move forward and stop living in the past. I have found hope again, with God’s help.”